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  • Anti-static floor engineering

Anti-static floor engineering

Flooring plays a very important role in the clean room, a good floor can not only effectively dust, but also beautify the environment, to provide staff with a good working environment. Anti-static floor can also prevent the workshop to produce static electricity, improve product pass rate!
  • Case Introduction

Anti-static floor engineering

     Flooring plays a very important role in the clean room, a good floor can not only effectively dust, but also beautify the environment, to provide staff with a good working environment。 Anti-static floor can also prevent the workshop to produce static electricity, improve product pass rate!

     First, General provisions
     1, anti-static activities Flooring floor construction, including grass-roots processing, installation bracket, beams, bracing, installation grounding system, laying the floor and other construction, testing and quality testing.
      2, the construction site temperature should be between 10 - 35 ℃, relative humidity should be less than 80%; good ventilation。


     Second, materials, equipment and tools
     1, construction materials should meet the design requirements. In the design of no special requirements, should meet the requirements: anti-static activities of the floor board should be flat, solid, the board and the surface of the bonding should be strong, should have wear, moisture, flame retardant and other properties. Brackets, beams, bracing surface should be smooth, smooth, steel parts must be galvanized or other anti-rust treatment。 Anti-static performance indicators and mechanical properties, the appearance of quality should be consistent with "anti-static activities of the general norms of the floor" SJ / T10796 requirements。 Should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, the principle of acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, strictly placed in outdoor sun and rain。
      2, the construction should have the equipment and tools, including cutting machines, portable saws, sucker, 1m steel ruler, level, cleaning waxing machine, test electrodes and test instruments, its specifications, performance and technical indicators should be consistent Construction process requirements.


     Third, Construction preparation
      1, the construction should do the following preparatory work; familiar with the design and construction drawings and survey construction site. Develop construction plan, draw anti-static ground grounding system map, ground terminal diagram and ground layout. Prepare all kinds of construction materials, equipment, equipment, and inspection qualified. The complete removal of the construction site of dust, small sand and other effects of the quality of the residue。 More than 140 square meters (including 140 square meters) of the project, should be paved.
2, the construction site should meet the following requirements: grass-roots ground whether it is cement floor, terrazzo floor or other hard ground, should be flat surface, hard and strong. If there is cracks, unevenness must be repaired. For the new construction project, in the civil construction should be a preset grounding device。 The project area of 100 square meters or less set a ground terminal, each additional 100 square meters should be added 1-2 ground terminal. For the old plant renovation project, according to the actual situation according to the same requirements to determine the location and number of ground terminals。 Should be basically completed in the interior decoration work, the installation and the base of the equipment has been fixed at a predetermined location, placed in the activities of the floor under the pipeline or wire has been laid in place before the anti-static activities of the floor installation, had to cross the operation The


     Fourth, construction
     1, set the standard line: should be based on the size of the room and equipment layout, etc., to determine the laying of the vertical and horizontal baseline position; in the interior walls on the design plan according to the standard control line.
2, the installation of the bracket: the intersection should be starting from the baseline line to install the pillars, and then use the beams connected to the adjacent pillars to form a pillar grid. The beam frame should be at the basic level.
3, the installation of bracing: should be based on the actual needs of some or all of the pillars installed bracing.
4, asked to connect.
5, the laying of the floor should be based on the order: laying the benchmark plate: in the determination of the baseline with the standard plate began to lay the baseline, the height and the height of the control line should be consistent with the level of leveling, fastening bracket, Nuts. Laying the regular plate: should be based on the benchmark plate, spread to the surrounding spread。 Laying the process should be trimmed with the level of equipment to adjust the height of the bracket, so that the adjacent board are maintained after the level, by block fastening bracket lock nut。 Laying the special plate: the room edge size is less than a standard board, the application of special-shaped laying. Shaped plate is based on the actual size of the edge of the room with a cutting machine will be cut from the standard plate. Should be completed in the standard laying, and then the laying of special-shaped plate. After the floor and beams are cut, the burrs must be removed.
6, after the completion of the activities of the floor should be tested. The gap between the plates should be straight and tidy, 2m within the gap level gap should not be greater than 2mm; with the sucker should be able to freely put the activities of the floor block; people walking on the floor should not be sound or sliding phenomenon。 If you do not meet the requirements, you must adjust, replace the floor or adjust the height of the bracket.
7, anti-static activities After the installation of the floor, according to the design requirements along the room around the installation of skirting board (wood, stone can be)。 Skirting board installation should be solid, straight, horizontal error in the range of 5m shall not be greater than 3mm。

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